Sunday, September 19, 2010

Muriel and Charlie Webb

A few years ago my Nanny (my grandmother) gave me her old computer, on it there was a great deal of old family photos. The computer itself has long since died but I was able to dig up some of the photos recently so I thought I would share.

My nanny Muriel. I'd like to think that I look a bit like her. :D

Nanny and her sister Joan.

My Grandad Charlie.

Nanny, What a betty!

This just looks like the best holiday ever.

Arn't those glasses amazing?!

Grandad and a friend of his in Germany.

This photo was saved as The Custard House Gang. Nanny tells me The Custard House was the name of a pub where she used to go dancing every Saturday.

On their Wedding day.

I may be a little bias but I think she looks just amazing.
I hope I look as beautiful on my wedding day.

Nanny and my dad, Leslie.

Nanny as a blonde, my dad (in the blue stripe pyjamas) and aunt Debra.

Look how smart dad looks!

From Left to right:

Aunt Debra, Grandad, My Dad Les, Nanny, Aunt Susan and Uncle Paul.

Flash forward to the late seventies. Left to right:
Debra, Grandad, Nanny, Susan with Paul behind, my amazing Mother Rae and my Dad.

There you have it, the Webbs!
I hope you enjoyed,