Monday, July 25, 2011

Cutest Shoes I've Ever Owned

Today I glued fluffy things to the toes of the shoes I got while I was in New York. What a great way to spend a morning. <3

Monday, July 11, 2011


“Held once every four years in Prague, Czech Republic, the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is a the world´s largest performance design event – a presentation of contemporary work in a variety of performance design disciplines and genres including costume, stage, lighting, sound design, and theatre architecture for dance, opera, drama, site-specific, multi-media performances, and performance art.”

The costume and design classes of WAAPA’s graduating class entered Street Stories as apart of Scenofest. It was called “Welcome to Land” and each team made a costume and performance around that theme. Ours was based on Australian Agriculture and heavily influence by the illustrations by Shaun Tan.

We called him G.U.S. He was a machine that "planted" felted seads.

I did a bit of internet snooping and found some pictures of the other groups taken that day.

I also found a video clip!

It was alot of fun, thanks for having us Prague!

Crazy For You

The holidays are almost over and I’ve been away first to Prague for the PQ11 and then to New York for my secondment. I’m still in Ithaca at the moment and gosh it’s beautiful. I’ve bought some wonderful vintage but I’ll tell you all about that when I get home.

The show I was last working on for uni was Crazy For You and I got to make one of the finale show girls. It was a lot of beading but it was all worth it.

Here is a shot of the back pack after I just finished (sans the covering of the straps).

And my full show girl, isn't she a babe!

All of the show girls together. It's a huge moment.

I can’t wait to fill you in with all the amazing fun things I’ve been doing since then. Lot’s of love,