Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Roller Waitress

This weekend will be my first solo event since V&V disbanded so I thought it time for a new uniform (it'll also double nicely for a lazy Halloween costume). I'll be selling some hats and trinkets at the 1st bout of Perth Roller Derby's second season.

I had a great time making this. I forget sometimes how much fun sewing can be when you have to do it everyday.

VV for Vivian Veil (my stage name. ;)

If any other Perth bloggers have bought a ticket come up and say "Hi".


  1. Wow, this is super're so talented!

    I've been wanting to check out / try out for my local roller derby team, but can't seem to drum up the courage!

  2. AH! cant wait to see you in that on Saturday. We should get a sexy pic of us together, preferably before i skate ;)
    Very well made Dimples, I'm super impressed. You've gotten so much better at sewing this year! I need to pay more attention. XD

  3. Looks fabulous!! Shame I can't go on Saturday, but I'd love to see photos of you in it with your full kit!

  4. That is the cutest thing ever!!
    -Andi x

  5. This outfit is ADORABLE. I completely agree, I HATE sewing when I'm doing it all the time, but then I get a chance to make something for myself and remember why I do it in the first place...

    Lovely to meet you tonight! Sorry we were in a bit of a rush. Hope you didn't have to waitress for too much longer!

  6. This outfit it amazing! I'd be tempted to wear it every day to go to work and stuff. xxx