Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wedding Belles

So I mentioned a few post ago that I was given an amazing wedding dress and then something wonderful happened, I was given another! I was also super lucky to have a beautiful friend of mine, Bridget, come over to help me with some photos. We played dress up all afternoon!

The first I received was from a wonderful woman who told me on her wedding day in 1957, as she was getting out of the car at the church all she could here was the word “pink” being echoed around the crowd.

It was quite late in the day when we took these photos so the pink seems to be lost on the strapless underlayer.

She also told me that she chopped off the bottom of her dress to go dancing in it.

The second was given threw a friend so I never got to meet the bride but I got the matching bridesmaid dress. I plumb darn forgot to take some photos of it though.

I sure feel lucky to have been given suck amazing dresses and to have a wonderful friend to let me dress her up and take photos.


  1. Wow, these are so amazing to get to keep them!!!

  2. You lucky girl, those are so pretty!!

  3. They are so divine! Vintage wedding dresses are just the most beautiful things, great fabrics & careful construction.

  4. My teen daughter envisions a short, vintage wedding dress someday and the one above is exactly what she loves. I'm excited to show this one to her. Very beautiful.