Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sassy Song Bird

Over the last couple of months I’ve be leisurely pottering away on a costume for a wonderful new friend of mine Miss Sassy Catch. She’s an amazing singer down here in Perth.

She wanted a costume with a bit of a Gibson girl feel basted on a dress Immodesty Blaize wore in a photo shoot recently. I drew up a design got the okay by Sass and started work. Two months later (I’ve been taking it slow :P) here’s where I’m up to. I’m almost done got a couple of things to fix and finish after our last fitting but not a great deal.

The under structure with all the boning and support.

With the gingham top layer.

It's cute little bolero.

And the Sass herself in it for a fitting with removable skirt extension.

And a little garter to top it all off.

Keep your peeper pealed for photos of it’s debut!


  1. Such a stunning dress! Can't wait to see its debut.

  2. this is mega cute! I love Sassy!