Sunday, October 9, 2011

Corset Toile

Here is a quick snap shot of my recent corset toile for the burlesque costumes I am making. It's going to be great!


  1. Looks like you're gonna get a great fit on that one! I have made two corsets myself - one which is part of a whole 18th century costume - so I know how long it takes. At least if you use steel bones...That 18th century corset has 52 bones in it! I felt quite manly sitting on the floor with my tools, cutting the bones into the right length and filing down the corners ;) I look forward to see the finished result of yours!

  2. very interested in seeing the finished product!

  3. hi babe!
    I'm from Brazil, 23 years old and vintage fashion maniac. You're such an inspiration! I love everything you do, You're so talented! And you're a cutie with those blonde curls and sweet face :)

    Post more of your recent work for us to see!


  4. Hello! I've just followed your blog : ) It's always nice seeing fellow bloggers from Australia.
    My mother and I make corsets for a living (well, mum makes them for a living, I make them for the fun of it) and it's always the most accomplishing feeling once they're complete!

    If you don't mind taking the time, would you mind taking a peep at my blog?
    Paris of The Vintage Look