Friday, December 11, 2009

Perth Roller Derby: Summer Slaughter

Week before last Perth Roller Derby had it’s summer slaughter bout (last for this year). I have a long history with Perth Roller Derby, when they first started in 2008 I was the 8th member and on the committee under the title of Artistic Director. I did things like the logo, flyers and so on. I worked on the committee and skated for PRD for about a year before commitments to uni and a knee injury made me give it up for a while. But whenever they have an event I am there with my cigarette tray flogging merchandise in some silly costume (I am pretty good at it too).

I made this dress a few years ago for a costume event. It's good to be able to wear it agian.

The Refs

The Bloody Sundays

And this years champs: Mistresses of Mayhem

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