Saturday, November 28, 2009

Seeing Spots

Boy, have I been busy! I have been rushing round the last week getting everything in order for my trip to Melbourne (I leave tonight!). Making dress and finding hats, gloves and purses to match. I am staying with a new friend and I want to make a big impact!

Here is the last dress I have made for my trip. This one gave me the biggest run around. What a tricksy little dress it is.

At first it was to have a full skirt. The pattern it came with had a full circle stating from the waist. I have a pretty high waist so I thought it might make me look a bit heavy up top so I dropped it by using the top of a wiggle skirt pattern and adding a gathered skirt just above the hip. It was very flattering but my fun 50’s dress had turned into an ugly 80’s dress! What to do? I ended up out of desperation for time just scrapping the full skirt and making it into a wiggle. Oh, well. Next time!

I wish I had enough time to make a matching hat.


  1. How good are polka dots?? I love the fabric and it turned out really well! Ah it's such a fine line between 80's and 50's... or 40's and 80's... very tricky!

  2. This is such a gorgeous dress! Wow!

  3. Ohhhh my gosh hun, what pattern is this. I love it as a wiggle dress, my style is very sweater girl bombshell/ wanda from crybaby and I adore anything with a tight long cute!!!!

    Sorry it took so long, here is the link.

    It was published 1959 or 1960 so the cover is very 60s but all of the illustrations and pictures are 50s and they only focus on 50s patterns and techniques[]=tags&includes[]=title

    Take care

  4. There's an award for you over at my blog for being so fabulous!

  5. I love that scoopy neckline at the back! Just love that style at the moment!

  6. OOOH! I love it. Pattern stealings? :)

  7. Really great dress! I really enjoy your blog and I featured it in my post this week and in my blog roll! Can't wait to see more!