Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Make a Sailor Hat

What seams to be a million years ago (Feb '08) I made a tutorial on how to make a Sailor Hat for an online Gothic Lolita site. This was before I had an overlocker (and while I was still a little scared of them) or fabric sissors and before I knew even half of what I know about sewing now, but it’s simple and it still makes a cute little hat.
Fabric: Scrap corners will do, you really don't need alot. I used craft cotton for mine because it’s just a bit stiffer but any fabric will do.
Ribbon: 2 m (You might have some left over but it is better to be safe the sorry.)
Cotton: Both colours of your fabric and ribbon.

Step 1. Cut four triangles with the tops rounded to the point 5” high and 4” across.
If you are new to sewing cut your shape out on paper fist.

Step 2. Take two, pin together and sew along one of the rounded 5” sides.

Step 3. Join to another then the last to make a pyramid tipped box.

Step 4. Cut a rectangle along the fold of your fabric (if you can’t just double the width) 15” High and 2 1/2” wide.

Step 5. Unfold and mark where the ribbon stripes will be. Pin and sew the ribbon on to the outside of the fold.

Step 6. Now refold and fold in the ends.

Step 7. Place and pin around the open end of the pyramid tipped box. When you reach the start fold under the excess fabric and place the end over start to make a band.

Step 8. Determine where you would like to have the ribbon ties and pin into seem.

Step 9. Now, carefully sew around pinned seems making sure you catch the ribbon ties and both layers of fabric.

Step 10. Turn right way in and your hat it now complete.

If I were to do it again there definitely would be some changes but I thought you might like to have a little look. I hope you enjoyed!


  1. This is so cute. I think I'm going to make one to go with my sailor collar. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. super cute!!! I wear a sailor hat as part of my uniform in roller derby. Now I need to learn how to make a sailor collar.... Any idea?

  3. ugh fudge its supposed to be under this account not handmade bridage

  4. This is great! I'm definitely making one <3 thanks so much!

    @Handmade - A girl named Sarcasm Hime did a tutorial on sailor collars - if you can't find it, try a cosplay forum (since so many Japanese uniforms have the sailor collar in their designs).

  5. Cute!
    Good luck on that pattern, I hope you win!

  6. I love love love anything sailor related! Absolutely gorgeous :)

  7. Sweeeet! Could we possibly trouble you for the changes you'd make? (experience brings wisdom)

    ps. Hope you're having a fab time at WAAPA, I finished that course in 2006 (which seems AGES ago now, ugh, we won't go into how old that makes me now), I had some incredible experiences. Say hi to Fleur for me!

  8. I am going to have to try this it looks easy enough, but knowing me I will sew it shut and have to remove half of the stitching.


  9. This is the best hat show and tell I've seen yet!



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  12. Could you explain a step for me? The part I don't understand is when you say cut a rectangle along the fold of your fabric. Which piece of fabric and what fold? I have noooo sewing knowledge so I guess I'm being a noob. I really want to try making one, but I'm confused at that step. Thanks for any help!