Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday & Monday

Two very exciting and fun things have happened over the last two days. On Sunday (Alexandras and my brand) V&V had our first stall at the Retro markets at the Burlesque lounge. We spent all of our week of making things to sell even uniforms to wear. It was great to get dressed up and meet new people.

And today we had our last wig class and as tradition we got to dress up and wear them. I did a 1930/40’s slash do so I wore an Andrew Sisters style uniform.

Lot's of hat fix'n.


  1. fantastic...LOVE your Andrews Sister get up!

  2. Those wigs are amazing! I wouldn't have even guessed that they were wigs just from looking.

    Your outfit is super-cute too!

  3. aaw that last picture is adorable! You make a nice strawberry blonde, although platnum is definately better.
    Love u xxx

  4. I love you Andrews Sisters outfit. You are too cute! I am going to be all over those heart shaped bloomers when you are next at the Retro Market. *sqqquuuee* Excited!