Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vintage Vanity

I thought I would share some of my Vintage collection, not all of it but just my favourites. I’ve been buying vintage for about 3 years now and I am quite chuffed at my collection.
Clockwise: 1950's dusty pink evening dress, 1960's Go-Go dress, just-plain-adorable sailors’ mini dress, 1960's air hostess double breasted coat.

Clockwise: 1950's Black Sparkle Cocktail dress, 1950's Turquoise Evening dress, 1950's Ivory White Brocade, 1980's sparkle party dress.

1950's fur muff and hat.

No dates on either of these but aren't they just the sweetest?

It's not too clear but they are made of feather. 1940s.
The back unzips and it becomes a bonnet! 1950s

Most of my hats. I still have a couple more but they wouldn't fit on the table. They range from 1950s to 90's I would say.

Gloves galore!
Clip on earring collection and a couple of broaches, necklace and a caplet clip.
Hope you enjoyed,


  1. O,my!! So enviable a collection!!
    Would love to see you modeling some of these lovelies!!!

  2. What a fantastic collection! =D I really want a muff (I have to struggle to not giggle everytime I say that) for this winter.
    -Andi x

  3. I agree with the muff (both in wanting one and trying not to laugh!) what a gorgeous collection! I have quite a nice hat collection too but am working on building up my glove collection!

  4. Oh! That crochet top go-go dress is just heaven! And the sailor mini.. so jealous!

    Beautiful collection!

  5. you've got some fantabulous things in that impressive collection of yours!!

  6. Oo, you've got a seriously adorable hat collection!!

  7. What a wonderful collection! I love all the hats and gloves :)

  8. Lovely collection, especially the hats, muffs and v-neck dresses. Impressive!

  9. What a collection and all in just three years! Do you get to wear much of it or is it too delicate?