Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was in a pickle. I double booked myself for a Hawaiian Luau and Rock ‘n’ Roll party on the same night. What a conundrum. I had to make myself a dress that would work for both and attend one after the other with minimal outfit alteration.
A halter-neck wiggle dress with flounce in a tropical print.

Might make myself a little palm tree hat to match.


Just to let you know, this dress has been pinned to the mannequin to fit. Same as with my last dress. I have a bigger figure then most if the mannequins at uni so I pin them while I take photos.


  1. Lovely dress and OMG sooo tiny, especially at the waist!!!

  2. What a fab dress. I love Hawaiian style things. And a palm tree hat would be too cute!
    -Andi x

  3. I love the dress, especially the flounce.

  4. That is really pretty. What pattern did you use?

  5. What an adorable party dress! Love the sleek styling of it, and the print is just so fun :)
    I am also curious as to what pattern you used.

  6. Cute, I love it! Did you make the hat, that would be so adorable.

  7. fft yeah, those manequins are lame.
    That dress is SMOKING. It'll look a thousand times hotter on your sexy body than that silly mannequin.
    Actually, you probably shouldnt wear it. You'll give everyone at the parties heat exhaustion (because you're so damn HOT!)

  8. Utterly divine !! I can totally picture Marilyn wearing this is smoulderingly sexy ! I bet you looked wonderful!