Sunday, November 15, 2009


As nothing terribly exciting is happening while I am waiting for my fabric to wash I thought I would take you on a little tour of “Wardrobe” one of our main costume stores here at WAAPA.

Some of the photos are a little blurry and I wish I could have got some more detailed photos of some of the costumes down there but the space is limited and so is the light.

Men’s Felt Hats. (All other hats are kept in a different storage room.)

Womens Blouses

Evening Wear

Men’s Military

(70's on the left and 60's on the right)

(90's on the left 80's on the right)

Such a mess!

WAAPA has the most amazing fur collection.


Timeless Womans Wear

Wedding Dresses

I pulled this one out to show you just because I love it. I think it was used in a dance piece from the gussets under the arms but I am not sure what one. It's just too much fun.


  1. Wow it looks amazing. I love the petticoats

  2. urch what a mess! Also, that blue thing is gross. I love it too. :)