Friday, November 13, 2009

Pill Box Hat with Veil.

I have been stalling working on my fabric-covered hat all month. I really had no interest in doing in at all. But, I had to stop procrastinating and get on it as it’s due this coming Monday. So yesterday I spent the whole afternoon wrestling it not having any luck at all so I decided to scrap the whole thing and start again from scratch. I found a cute little pillbox block and blocked it and this morning I picked it up and set to work. Annnd…Ta-da!

It matches my dress I am so chuffed.


  1. Amazing! I'd love to see a photo of the hat and dress together.

  2. Gorgeous, I love how you layed out the fabric with the small flowers around the sides and the big bunch on top. Yes I second that, we demand a picture of you in the dress and hat together!!!!

  3. Ooooh - lovely - I think your blog is simply adorable!