Monday, November 23, 2009

Swing Time with the Andrews Sisters

Last night a good friend and I went to see Swing Time with the Andrew Sister but we were having so much fun we blanked on getting photos of us all dresses up. Ge, wiz! It only came to us as we were eating our fast food dinner in our PJs at home after the show.
So you will have to use you imagination.

Alexandra wore a beautiful full dress with halter neck made of emerald green satin.

And I wore the white flora wiggle dress I posed here but with out matching hat.

I did a little search and found a clip of the show.

If they play at a venue near you; go!


  1. aaaaaaw photos! waaaaaa!!! >_< Very sexy HJs eating tho, my imagination is going wild!

  2. Oh, love the pijamas! :P hahaha! I adore this nights with friends, so much fun.


  3. My four year old's favorite song is "Rum and Coca cola' Its too cute when she sings it cause she does the accent and everything "Yankee Dollaaah"